We are focusing on four main areas of work, each of which plays a fundamental role in higher education and its transformation. These are digitalization, entrepreneurship, social impact and WELLBEING.



Calendar  30th SEPT - 6:00pm CEST (Madrid Time)

Top sustainability and WELLBEING leaders from international companies will discuss on these three axes that will be decisive in the global development and therefore key for the future of higher education. Marian de la Morena, director of the BeWell Center, will moderate the conversation with:

  • Manuel Butler Halter, Tourism Counselor at Spanish Tourist Office in London
  • Daniel Trurán, B Corp Ambassador – ebbf Corp Embassador
  • Vicente Gil, SecurityHealth Director of Santalucia Group
  • Jaime Barrio, Master Director of School Health in UCJC
  • Ángela Baldellou, CEO 2030 Observatory of the Spanish Institute of Architects


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