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GENERAL INFORMATION about this website, in accordance with Law 34/2002 on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce.

This website, its content and design are the property of INSTITUCIÓN EDUCATIVA SEK S.L.

Tax ID (CIF) no. B28652204

Registered company address at Calle Marqués de Riscal 11, 28010, Madrid.

Registered in the Commercial Registry of Madrid in volume 5819, section 4, page 9564, sheet 1.

1.- Terms and conditions of access and use of this website

1.1. Access to the website, content and information.

Access to this website is the sole responsibility of users, and implies understanding and acceptance of the legal warnings and terms and conditions of use contained herein.

INSTITUCIÓN EDUCATIVA SEK S.L. reserves the right, at any moment, to make any changes or amendments it deems appropriate and necessary to the website, without the need for prior notice.

The user guarantees the accuracy and authenticity of all the data they provide both when completing registration forms and at any future point. It is their sole responsibility to update the information provided, to accurately reflect their current situation. The user will be responsible for any inaccuracies or lack of authenticity in the information provided.

1.2 Obligation to use the website and its contents appropriately.

The user agrees to the proper use of the website and its utilities, in accordance with the law, this present legal notice, and the instructions and advice contained therein.

The user is obliged to use the website and all its content solely for lawful, non-prohibited purposes, that do not infringe current laws and/or that could be detrimental to the legitimate rights of “INSTITUCIÓN EDUCATIVA SEK S.L.” or any third party, and/or that could cause any harm either directly or indirectly.

To that effect, the user shall refrain from using any of the website’s content for unlawful purposes or effects that are prohibited in this Legal Notice herein, that are detrimental to the rights and interests of third parties, or that could in any way harm, disable, overload, deteriorate, or interrupt normal use of the website, IT equipment, or documents, files, or any type of content stored in any IT equipment (hacking) belonging to INSTITUCIÓN EDUCATIVA SEK S.L., other users or any internet user (hardware or software).

In particular, listed for guidance purposes and by no means exhaustively, the user agrees to not transmit, disseminate, or make available to third parties information, data, content, messages, graphics, drawings, sound and/or image files, photographs, recordings, software, or in general, any type of material that:

(a) is in any way contrary to, or disparages or undermines constitutionally recognised fundamental rights and liberties, international treaties or the rest of the legislation;

(b) induces, incites, or promotes criminal, degrading, defamatory, libellous, violent, or generally unlawful acts, or acts contrary to morality and generally accepted behaviours, or to public order;

(c) induces, incites, or promotes discriminatory acts, attitudes, or opinions due to sex, race, religion, beliefs, age, or condition;

(d) incorporates, makes available, or allows access to criminal, violent, offensive, harmful, degrading products, elements, messages, and/or services, or generally unlawful acts or that are contrary to morality and generally accepted behaviours, or to public order;

(e) is false, ambiguous, inaccurate, exaggerated, or untimely, so that it misleads or might cause to mislead about its subject or about the intentions and purposes of the communicator.

(f) is protected by any third-party’s intellectual or industrial property rights, unless the user has obtained prior authorisation from the owners to carry out the use or the intended use.

(g) breaches third party trade secrets.

(h) is contrary to the right to reputation, personal and family intimacy or personal image rights;

(i) in any way undermines the reputation of INSTITUCIÓN EDUCATIVA SEK S.L. or that of third parties;

(j) infringes regulations on secret communications;

(k) constitutes unlawful, deceitful or unfair promotion, as applicable, or generally constitutes unfair competition;

(l) introduces a virus or other physical or electronic elements that could harm or interrupt the normal functioning of INSTITUCIÓN EDUCATIVA SEK S.L. or third parties’ network, system or IT equipment (hardware or software), or that could harm the electronic documents and files stored on said IT equipment;

(m) by its nature (such as format, extension, etc.), interrupts the normal functioning of the Service;

In accordance with the above, the user agrees to use the content made available to users on the website, understood as, but not limited to, text, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, links, and other audio or visual content, as well as its graphic design and source code (henceforth “Content”), in accordance with the law, this present Legal Notice, other notices, regulations of use, and instructions made available to them, as well as the generally accepted moral code and good practice, and public order. In particular, the user agrees to refrain from:

(a) reproducing, copying, distributing, transforming, amending, making available or communicating the Content publicly in any way, without authorisation from the owner of the relevant rights, or unless it is lawfully permitted to do so.

(b) deleting, manipulating, or altering in any way the “copyright” or other identifying data of INSTITUCIÓN EDUCATIVA SEK S.L.’s reserved rights, their digital footprint, or any other technical measures established for the recognition of such.

The user should refrain from obtaining or even trying to obtain Content by using measures or procedures other than those that have been made available to them as appropriate for that purpose, or that have been indicated for that purpose on the web page where the Content is found, or in general, other than those commonly used on the internet for this purpose, as long as they do not impose a risk of harm or disabling of the website, its services, and/or its Content.

In particular, the use of the website’s photographic and audio/visual files is subject to the following terms and conditions:

Their use for commercial purposes and/or later distribution is prohibited. The audiovisual images and resources available herein are for sole use by the media and for purely informative purposes, as long as their provenance is cited. Therefore, their use for illustrating other companies’ activities, products or events is prohibited.

1.3 Industrial and intellectual property rights

The user is obliged to respect the industrial property rights of INSTITUCIÓN EDUCATIVA SEK S.L. and any other third party. The use of, or permission to access the website does not grant any right whatsoever over brands, trade names, or any other recognisable symbol used therein.

The user can download the website on their terminal, as long as it is for private use and not for any commercial purpose. Thus, they cannot exploit, reproduce, distribute, amend, publicly communicate, grant, transform, or use the website content for public or commercial purposes.

Likewise, the Content is the intellectual property of INSTITUCIÓN EDUCATIVA SEK S.L., and none of the rights of exploitation or any other rights that exist or may exist about said Content, other than those strictly necessary for the proper use of the website, may be understood to have been granted to the user by way of this Legal Notice.

1.4 Duration of service.

INSTITUCIÓN EDUCATIVA SEK S.L. does not guarantee the availability or continuity of the website’s functionality. When it is reasonably possible, neither does INSTITUCIÓN EDUCATIVA SEK S.L. guarantee the infallibility of the website, or its usefulness in performing any specific activities.

Access to the website is for an undefined duration; however, INSTITUCIÓN EDUCATIVA SEK S.L. reserves the right to suspend, without prior notice, the access of any users who they believe do not comply with the regulations on using the website, and to take the appropriate legal measures. Furthermore, it reserves the right to restrict access to the general public to certain sections of the website, limiting them solely to particular users or user groups, via the use of an access password, for which they will be responsible.

2.- Exclusion of liability

INSTITUCIÓN EDUCATIVA SEK S.L. makes every effort to avoid any errors in their website content. The website expressly reserves the right to delete any comment or opinion that it finds contrary to that set forth in point 1.2. INSTITUCIÓN EDUCATIVA SEK S.L. excludes any liability for damages of any nature deriving from:

2.1 Interruption to the functioning of, or lack of availability to access the website.

2.2 The privacy and security of the user when using the website, and/or access without consent by unauthorised third parties.

2.3 The disclosure of elements that negatively impact IT systems.

2.4 The accuracy, exhaustiveness or up-to-date nature of the website content.

3.- Legislation and jurisdiction

The service provision is governed by Spanish legislation, under the jurisdiction of the Courts of Madrid, to whom the User expressly submits.

Cookies policy

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Explanation of functionality and use of cookies

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While visiting the website, the cookies that install themselves, assuming they have been granted permission to do so, record information to:

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Cookies used on

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Accepting the use of cookies

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Subscription to newsletters

In order to subscribe, you must have given your express authorisation, either by electronic means (through our website, via e-mail request), through a printed form, attendance at an event, or any other means by which you have requested such subscription from us.

The purpose of the processing of these data will be solely to provide the service you have requested.

You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link at the end of the email or newsletter.

Privacy policy

In accordance with the provisions of the current regulations on Personal Data Protection (see details below), we hereby inform you that your data will be incorporated into the processing file owned by INSTITUCIÓN EDUCATIVA SEK. This file format, content and design are the property of INSTITUCIÓN EDUCATIVA SEK S.L., with Tax ID (CIF) no. B28652204, and registered company address at Calle Marqués de Riscal 11, 28010, Madrid. Registered in the Commercial Registry of Madrid in volume 5819, section 4, page 9564, sheet 1.

The purpose of the data collection is (i) to keep you informed of the activities and services we offer and perform; (ii) to improve our services so that they are useful to you; (iii) and for operational reasons so that we can provide you with the contracted services. We also inform you that, during virtual class sessions, your image may be recorded. Legitimation will be carried out through the explicit consent of the interested party, in the forms used for the collection of data, and you will also be informed that the data will be kept for the time strictly necessary to comply with the precepts mentioned above.

The data you provide us with will be stored and protected on servers in the EU that comply with the current legal regulations.

In the event that the required data is not entered, we cannot guarantee that the request that is the subject of this form will be dealt with.

Institución Educativa SEK informs you that the personal data contained in this application form will be incorporated into a file for the commercial and operating purposes of Institución Educativa SEK S.L., and will be passed on to Grupo SEK affiliates and investee companies. Acceptance of these conditions implies consent to use and process the data for said purposes.

INSTITUCIÓN EDUCATIVA SEK S.L. will not transfer user data to third parties. However, in the event that the data is transferred to a company, information will be produced prior to the collection, with the express consent of the data subject being requested.

INSTITUCIÓN EDUCATIVA SEK S.L. has adopted the security levels of personal data protection legally required according to the current legislation.

Affiliates or investees that will receive the information you provide:


Tax ID No. (NIF/CIF): B28652204

ADDRESS: Paseo de las Perdices 2, Urb. Ciudalcampo 28707 – San Sebastián de los Reyes – MADRID


Tax ID No. (NIF/CIF): B84649029

ADDRESS: C/ San Ildefonso, 18 28012 – Madrid – MADRID


Tax ID No. (NIF/CIF): B85236719

ADDRESS: Urb. Villafranca del Castillo, C/ Castillo de Manzanares s/n 28692 – Villanueva de la Cañada – MADRID


Tax ID No. (NIF/CIF): B82413089

ADDRESS: Urb. Ciudalcampo, Paseo de las Perdices 2 28707 – San Sebastián de los Reyes – MADRID


Tax ID No. (NIF/CIF): A60636081

ADDRESS: Avda. Els Tremolencs 24-26 08530 – La Garriga – BARCELONA


Tax ID No. (NIF/CIF): B36196723

ADDRESS: Urb. A Caeira, C/ Illa de Arousa 4 36005 – Poio – PONTEVEDRA


Tax ID No. (NIF/CIF): B04331393

ADDRESS: Urbanización Almerimar, C/ Barlovento 141 04700 – El Ejido – ALMERIA


Tax ID No. (NIF/CIF): A79336947

ADDRESS: Urb. Villafranca del Castillo, C/ Castillo de Alarcón, s/n 28692 – Villanueva de la Cañada – MADRID


Tax ID No. (NIF/CIF): A78349180

ADDRESS: C/ Castillo de Alarcón, 47 28692 – Villanueva de la Cañada – MADRID

The data will be transferred, when this is in accordance with the law, to:

Public Administrations competent in educational matters.

Banks, for payment management purposes.

To the Tax Agency, Social Security, Courts and Tribunals if required by these bodies.

You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, limitation, opposition and deletion of your data by sending an email to, or by contacting UCJC (Villafranca / Almagro) Calle Castillo de Alarcón, 49, Urb. Villafranca del Castillo, 28692 Villanueva de la Cañada, Madrid. In addition, you may contact the competent Control Authority to lodge any complaint you deem appropriate.

You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, limitation, opposition and deletion of your data by sending an email to, or by contacting Institución Educativa SEK, S.L. Calle Perdices, 2. Ciudalcampo 28707 Madrid. In addition, you may contact the competent Control Authority to lodge any complaint you deem appropriate.

Applicable data protection legislation

REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation)

Corrigendum to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation)

Organic Law 3/2018 of 5 December on the Protection of Personal Data and the guarantee of digital rights