We are focusing on four main areas of work, each of which plays a fundamental role in higher education and its transformation. These are digitalization, entrepreneurship, social impact and WELLBEING.



Calendar  SEPT 28 - 6:00pm CEST (Madrid Time)

Marina Kim, Co-founder of AshokaU will have an enlightening conversation with David Martín, Director of Entrepreneurship, Competences and Social Commitment at UCJC, about the challenges of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in transforming themselves at all levels, to become entrepreneurial and innovative learning ecosystems. In this interview, David and Marina will share their experiential knowledge, answering key questions like:

Why and how to transform HEIs at all levels?

How to create entrepreneurial and innovative learning ecosystems & collaboration?

Why and how to foster student leadership?


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Do you see a need for change in higher education to fit into the third millennium?

Do you think entrepreneurship is one of the keys to higher education in the future?


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