Digitalization in Higher Education

Belén González-Laguillo García

Talking about digitization is very usual lately, however from my point of view, sometimes it is approached from a very general perspective. To transform education through digitization, it is not enough for students to have a computer or a tablet or for teachers to use a projector. On this matter, the equipment has been changed but the way of teaching and learning remains the same: the teacher gives a master class but instead of using the white board, he leans on a PPW presentation, and the students take notes with the computer rather than the notebook. Do you think that is enough to reach a digital education?

In my view, for a complete digitization to take place, both the materials, the spaces and, above all, the methods must be changed. In education, teachers must be trained to master new technologies in order to have technological tools to express their creative ideas and to carry through innovative methodologies.
A little while ago at a round table I heard the following phrase “whoever dares to teach, must never stop learning.” This phrase is vitally important in the digital field since what is taught today will not be useful tomorrow. However, it is essential to have a knowledge base to be able to understand the changes that may arise and to have greater ease in learning the new methods or functions that technology can provide us.
Lastly, I would like to add that technology in education should serve to personalize teaching and adapt to the needs of each student. Mainly for those who have more difficulties, for example, children with different disorders or disabilities or students who are at the hospital or at home recovering from some disease. Digitization should work to bring closer students who cannot be in class and get rid of education and social barriers they have to deal with.

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