The University of the Future

Arpad Von Lazar, Chairman IAB SEK Education Group

For me a clear short and medium term priority is the closer pedagogical and intellectual integration of the SEK K-12 educational structure with that of the University structure of UCJC. This is a difficult task but one that would make us a pioneer on the global educational scene.

The design and implementation of a Life-Long-Learning structure is similarly a priority and linked to the above comment. Assuming, that we want to and plan to stay “innovators” on the global educational scene. The blending of LLL with our already “pilot-stage” programs on GAP-Programs, Each Teach etc. should be pursued aggressively and with considerable support from our institutional management. On this issue I am in total agreement with the brilliant position-memo on GAP Programs developed by Karen Sibley and Carlota Tovar.

On the practical level I am suggesting that we develop an integrative activity (course, seminar, lab – practice etc.) on developing student LITERACY for age groups 16 to graduate students and junior faculty, as a first stage exploratory/pilot project. These activities would include the following:

  • Financial Literacy: we already ran one exercise on this during the past academic year.
  • Health Literacy: including wellness, nutrition, mindfulness etc.
  • Communication Literacy: oral/written, critical thinking/reasoning.
  • Science Literacy: including separation of facts and fiction and minimal exposure to philosophy of science.
  • Digital Literacy.
  • Environmental / Sustainability Literacy.
  • Collective Memory Literacy: the use and interpretation of History.

It should be the task of GEF, and above all our Institution to not only explore the viability of such Literacy programs but also to test through “pilots” its development and acceptance / utility for all age participants alike. After all, we should be mindful of the proposition, that if we care to remain innovative in the future, FIRST WE HAVE TO INVENT THE PRESENT!

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